We’re not sure if this qualifies as a green home, but it certainly makes use of recycling: The “apartment” made entirely out of paper. But not just any paper, all the building material comes from old books. (Look what you’ve done to books, eReaders!)

“Torn white, yellow, and brown pages were used to create a bed, bathtub, curtains, chairs, and a dinner table covered in words,” reads a post on PSFK.com.

The paper apartment, known as “Scribe House,” is a creation from renowned Argentinian artist Pablo Lehmann. Curbed.com tells us that the home – which of course is really an art installation – is currently on display at Art Basel Miami until December 9th.

It makes for a pretty neat art exhibit, but as a home, it’s probably a bit of a fire hazard.

Visit PSFK for more images.

Want to build your own apartment out of used books? Go right ahead, but we suggest you make sure you don’t need your those books in the future. (Pro tip: Enter to win a free Kindle.)

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