If you were holding off on buying that new condo because you wanted to make sure the supposed end of the Mayan calendar didn’t mark the end of the world… well, NASA is pretty confident you’re being ridiculous.

“If you’re watching this video it means one thing: the world didn’t end yesterday,” begins the space agency’s four-minute film that was uploaded to YouTube nine days early.

Accompanying the video is a Q&A on NASA’s website which further debunks the December 21st doomsday “prediction.”

“Just as the calendar you have on your kitchen wall does not cease to exist after December 31, the Mayan calendar does not cease to exist on December 21, 2012. This date is the end of the Mayan long-count period but then – just as your calendar begins again on January 1 – another long-count period begins for the Mayan calendar,” the posting reads.

So watch NASA’s explanation, and then go ahead and get started on the holiday shopping that you were putting off until the 22nd (you know, just in case).

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