Looking for something to buy the beach-loving recluse on your holiday shopping list? How about a private island?

Think that suggestion is ridiculous and way beyond any sort of sane price range? Yeah, it is. But it’s probably not as expensive as you might think.

Via the Huffington Post, we learn about Private Islands Inc.’s list of 10 secluded real estate properties that are completely surrounded by water and cost less than $350,000 US! To put that in perspective, these islands are less than 19 per cent of the cost of one family-sized home in Vancouver.

The list includes the $199,000 Kastawei Island in the South Pacific, billed as “a wonderful location for fishing, swimming and diving.” While only an acre in size, Kastawei is surrounded by crystal clear waters and has a few hardwood trees covering its gently elevated terrain.

Kastawei Island is located in South Santo and is a 1.4 kilometre boat ride from the mainland.

Or how about Nova Scotia’s 75-acre Smith’s Island, which is selling for $315,000 Canadian. The Private Islands blog insists this piece of land would make “an ideal private summer retreat or nature preserve for someone who likes to sail or a family with a view to the future.”

Smith’s Island is easily accessible by boat from the nearby public wharf in Marie Joseph, Nova Scotia.

The selection may not be as glamorous as Canada’s James Island, which went on sale in the summer for $78,000,000. But these islands are certainly a heck of a lot cheaper.

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