Last weekend we told you about Mathew Arthur – the 30-year-old Vancouver man who plans to live in a van for an entire year because he’s fed up with the city’s rental market. This week we continue to bring you unconventional-home news with the tale of two Vancouver university students who have been bunking on a boat for the last couple of months.

“Taylor Martin and Rene Allain, both UBC students, have been living on a sailboat anchored off the shore of Kits Beach since September,” reads an article in The Ubyssey, the university’s student newspaper.

The students bought the boat for free off Craigslist and spent the summer fixing it up with a plan to use it recreationally once the maintenance work was completed. But by the time their school year began, neither had lined up living accommodations.

“[We] didn’t want to deal with finding a house or a sublet and kind of had a cheaper option, so we just decided to live on a boat,” Martin told the Ubyssey.

Nearby amenities include: salt water.

To get to school, the two students brave a 100-metre canoe commute to get to the shore (marooned boats are not transit-oriented), before hoping on their bicycles for the rest of the route to campus.

Both Martin and Allain will be moving on from university after the school year is through, but they intend to keep the boat for a future trip, possible going as far as South America.

Of course, living on the water doesn’t necessarily have to be a consolation accommodation, there are certainly ways to do it in style as well.

For more on Martin and Allain’s floating home, read The Ubyssey here.

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