“The Highline Effect,” if you’ve never heard of the expression, refers to how cities are repurposing old industrial sites into appealing new public spaces.

The concept is of course named for New York’s abandoned evelevated railroad-turned popular urban park on the city’s West Side.

For people interested in such things, Good Magazine recently put together a nice list of the Top 10 Urban Transformation Projects. Included in the list is Weiss/Manfredi’s Olympic Sculpture Park in Seattle.

“The park’s sculptural form was carved out of a former brownfield site, navigating a difficult urban plot that traditionally acted as a buffer between city and coast,” the Good Magazine list reads. “The large-scale project, which uses a hybrid retaining wall system of concrete panels and earth to hold up 200,000 cubic yards of infill, weaves a zig-zagging path around artworks by Alexander Calder and Richard Serra to the Elliot Bay shore beyond.”

Another one of our favourites from the list is the proposed Leith Walk in Edinburgh, Scotland, a living green belt around the city made from interlocking wood beams and other local materials.

This got us thinking about other urban transformation projects. New York City certainly has a number of notable ones (Good lists two more besides the HighLine itself), but we ask you, dear readers, what and where are your favourites?

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