Design students Momo Miyazaki and Andrew Spitz had one major thing in common when they moved to Denmark — their difficulty pronouncing the consonant-clogged Danish street names (pop quiz: say “Kvaesthusgade,” “Toldbodgade,” “Nyhavn” three times fast). So they devised an interactive installation in Copenhagen that helps non-Danish speakers nail down street names with ease.

The project, named “WTPh? (What the Phonics),” featured modified street signs in the city’s touristy areas. Miyazaki and Andrew Spitz taped a Danish person pronouncing the street names and wired the corresponding signs to play the recording karaoke-style, with lights illuminating the matching syllable spoken in real-time. Visitors just have to lift the speaker attached to the street signs to hear the recording.

Check out the video below of WTPh in action:

WTPh? – What the Phonics from Andrew Spitz on Vimeo.

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