“Robots are marching into homes,” reads the headline of a recent article in the USA Today.

The basis of that claim comes from a new study by ABI Research, who predicts personal robot sales will pass $15 billion by 2015.

The USA Today points out that while robots have been used primarily by automakers and semiconductor firms in the past, personal for-your-home robots are the future.

“Experts predict that within 10 years, general-purpose robots — costing $25,000 to $30,000 per unit — will perform house chores while consumers are at work or serve as butlers at cocktail parties,” the USA Today article reads.

And things are already moving in that direction.

“Bossa Nova Robotics announced Ballbot, a platform for developers to create personal robots that interact with people,” says the USA Today. “Conceivably, this could lead to something like a robot maid modeled after The Jetsons’ Rosie for less than $5,000.”

Bossa’s ballbot, “mObi,” was unveiled just last month at the 2012 RoboBusiness Summit in Pittsburgh.

Finally, a future that is beginning to look like the one we were promised in the 1980s.

Next up, hoverboards.

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