“Higgledy-piggledy” usually doesn’t come to mind for skyscrapers, but this brightly jumbled design from Dutch studio MVRDV has got us all topsy-turvy, helter-skelter and plain ole’ gobsmacked.

MVRDV, along with American architects Jerde and engineers Arup, have proposed an 88-story, 400-meter-tall building for southeast Jakarta that resembles a pile of white blocks slapped together by a Godzilla-sized toddler. The mixed-use (Franken-use?) tower, named Peruri 88, will include retail, offices, housing, a luxury hotel, four levels of parking, a wedding chapel, a mosque, theaters and an outdoor amphitheater.

The team is presenting the design as part of a developer’s bid for a prime site in the Indonesian capital. Despite the frenetic appearance, the skyscraper would consist of just four traditionally constructed towers rising from a commercial podium at the base, with bridging floors in between. Each of these “stacked urban blocks” would have a semi-public roof park, gardens, playgrounds, spas, gyms, outdoor restaurants and swimming pools for residents and office employees (nothing like a brief dip after lunch break). A bunch of escalators connect the shopping and retail center to the parks of the mid-rise.

The high-rise luxury hotel will reach from the 44th floor to the 86th floor, crowned by a panoramic-view restaurant and observatory on the 88th floor.

“Peruri 88 combines Jakarta’s need for green space with Jakarta’s need for higher densities whilst respecting the typologies of the current urban fabric,” according to a statement by MVRDV.

More renderings below, courtesy of MVRDV via Dezeen:


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