Midtown residents living near the collapsed, now-secured One57 crane are now permitted to go home, but might find themselves without power when they do.

Workers used a hand crank over the weekend to rotate the entire cab and crane platform closer to the south wall of the luxury condo tower at 157 W. 57th St., until the breakaway boom could be tied with steel cables and beams anchored to the building’s concrete columns. The two-day operation, planned by One57 construction manager Lend Lease Co., wrapped up Sunday evening, the Wall Street Journal reported. Closed-off thoroughfares near the site were reopened, except for the street on the north side of West 57th Street between Sixth and Seventh avenues. The damaged boom will slowly be cut up and removed, a process that could take weeks.

“I would like to commend our engineers and inspectors who have worked tirelessly with the project’s contractors to inspect the tower crane and approve a plan to secure the boom so New Yorkers can safely return to their homes and offices,” Buildings Commissioner Robert Limandri said in a statement.

Home? Sure. Heat? Maybe not.

Daniel Van Doren, whose family owns 130 W. 57th St., told the New York Observer, “They (Con Ed) said we couldn’t expect anything before noon… Just like the rest of this debacle, Con Ed is not giving much detail.”

A woman at the front desk of the 118-room Salisbury Hotel at 123 W. 57th St. said to the Observer, “We’re not back up yet,” adding, “We really hope we’ll be back this afternoon by three, but that all depends on Con Ed.”

The steam and electricity was shut off soon after the crane partially collapsed last Monday afternoon, in case the boom fell and ruptured a gas main or electrical line.

Lend Lease said in a statement the crane was prepared for Superstorm Sandy and had been inspected. The city’s Department of Buildings sent crews to inspect the crane after the collapse, and workers reported no signs of problems with the crane itself.

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