Obviously we here at BuzzBuzzHome enjoy perusing interesting floor plans, so we were delighted to learn of the new Google Maps feature which lets users explore “Indoor Maps” of sites from around the world, including Canada’s own West Edmonton Mall (shown above)!

According to PCMag.com:

“In November of last year, Google first introduced its “indoor maps” feature for Google Maps, which brought indoor floor plans for a variety of transit, cultural, and retail locations to Google Android users specifically. One year later, Google’s expanded the indoor maps feature to its standard Google Maps implementation on the Web.”

Google currently has indoor maps for more than 10,000 different locations across nine different countries. A list of mapped floor plans can be found on Google’s Indoor Maps support page.

The new tool allows users to upload their own floor plans to the service, although that option isn’t yet available in Canada (Indoor Maps is still in Beta).

Also neat: the Indoor Maps feature works on Google’s mobile map service.

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