London’s priciest listing, a nearly 200-year-old Regency mansion, made its debut on the market this week, asking for an equally grand 100 million pounds, or about $161 million.

One Cornwall Terrace, originally designed and built in the 1820s by architect Decimus Burton (check that name!) with the project overseen by John Nash, who built Buckingham Palace. The property measures 21,500 square feet, with seven bedrooms, nine bathrooms and 11 reception rooms. At 4,651 pounds or $7,492 per square foot, the four-story palace is one of the most expensive houses ever put up for sale in England — but still a better deal compared to New York City’s highest-priced listing, developer Steven Klar’s CitySpire penthouse at 150 West 56th St., which is asking $100 million or $12,500 per square foot.

Cornwall Terrace’s front boasts a neo-classical Stucco elevation with Corinthian pilasters and a two-story bay with sculpted columns of the Greek goddess Artemis. The property includes a sports complex with gym and swimming pool, and the high-tech gates feature an automatic number plate recognition system. In a potent cocktail of old-meets-new, the hallways are lined with limestone and marble, while the lighting can be controlled via iPad. Another selling point: the 40-meter-long landscaped garden, connected to the terrace by a lofty double staircase.

So how does Cornwall Terrace stack up against the octagonal $100 million CitySpire apartment across the money pond? Nikki Field of Sotheby’s International Realty told The Real Deal that in London and New York, “we are very close to reaching $100 million plus sales in both markets. However, we must still prove value… While CitySpire is a top property, most would argue that it does not rank as ‘the very best.'”

Although both properties flaunt neo-classical touches and impressive views of Central Park and Regent’s Park, Cornwall Terrace has got CitySpire beat in terms of history: Klar’s penthouse opened in 1988, which is practically fetal in British architecture years.

Take a virtual mosey around One Cornwall Terrace with these photos from the official Savills listing:


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