Via the always compelling Atlantic Cities, we learn about this house that’s designed to change shape based on the weather.

The shape-shifting “D*Dynamic” home comes from David Ben Grünberg and Daniel Woolfson of D*Haus Company who were inspired by mathematician Henry Dudeney .

“Based on Dudeney’s solving of ‘The Haberdasher’s Puzzle,’ which allows a square to transform into an equilateral triangle, D*Dynamic can transform itself into a series of eight configurations,” the Altantic Cities article reads. “The external walls have the ability to unfold, forming internal walls and allowing glass interior walls to become the façade for those sunny days when you want a naturally lit abode. The open interior layout, consisting of two bedrooms, a living room, and a bathroom can adapt to various situations, such as family size, as the house transforms not only seasonally but also daily.”

Of course D*Haus hasn’t limited their design to just houses. Those living in a D*Dynamic home will probably want to furnish it with transforming pieces like the D*Table.

Interestingly enough, the D*Dynamic house is not the only example of a shape-shifting home that we came across. Take a look at the video for Michael Jantzen’s “transforming house” on YouTube.

For more on the D*Dynamic house, read the Atlantic Cities article here.

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