How’s this for luxury “camping”: a hotel room that comes to you. is a proposal from UK-based Ian Springford Architects, and we learn about it from

“Here’s how the MyPlace works. A principal guest proposes a date and location through the website, at which point other guests can join in the party. Once occupancy is filled, MyPlace will assemble the “hotel” at the agreed location in time for the guests’ arrival. The colorful, prefabricated pod-rooms can be stacked or maneuvered to each boarder’s liking. For particularly social parties, the space between the stacked pods can be used as a common area,” the Architizer article reads.

Springford Architects explains their design in greater detail:

“Each pod measures 10-metres-squared internally when open and will close into a compact shell, allowing 5 pods to be transported by one flatbed truck.”

“When the pod reaches its destination, the living area slides out, and a ETFE membrane inflates to form a weather tight enclosure. The ETFE enclosure offers the guest the chance to be fully immersed in their surroundings; or, via the simple flick of a switch, cocooned in their own private world,” Springford Architects’ website reads.

So dear readers, are these plush accommodations your idea of a great camping trip?

Images courtesy Springford Architects

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