Must be all the pineapple: a four-bedroom, two-bathroom home is more expensive in Hawaii than in any other state in America, according to a new report by Coldwell Banker.

The average asking price for a family-sized house in the Aloha State is more than $742,000, leaps and bounds over Massachusetts, which snagged the second spot with an average listing price of $489,000.

Coldwell Banker’s US Home Listing Report compiled the listing prices of 72,000 four-bedroom, two-bathroom residences on the company site between January 2012 and June 2012.

“We recognize that buying a home is a significant life decision, and we do this apples-to-apples comparison of similar homes to provide homebuyers with useful information about the many great opportunities that exist around the US,” Budge Huskey, president of Coldwell Banker Real Estate, said in a statement.

The most expensive large homes tend to be concentrated in the coastal states; California ranked on the list with an average listing of $432,000, followed by New Jersey ($421,000) and Connecticut ($412,000). New York was seventh, with the average four-bedroom home asking $360,000.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, Nebraska has the cheapest listings at about $145,000. The nation-wide average for four-bedroom, two-bathroom homes is $292,152.

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