We’ve told you about the hotel rooms that follow you to your destination, but how about an apartment that you drag around on your bike…

“Recently rolled out by design firm dot Architects, their newest innovation the Bao House is literally a boxed and quilted apartment on wheels,” reads a post on PSKF.com. “Attached to the back of a bicycle, the Bao House is made from spray polyurethane foam (SPF), which dot Architects injected into a timber and fabric mould held together with pins and string.”

It’s obviously not a very large space, but as PSKF points out, a mattress covers the entire floor which makes it possible for up to three people to sleep inside. The roof is made of a transparent polycarbonate which lets light inside the bike box. A door is an unnecessary feature because one of the wall slides open like a closet door.

The Bao House and its sliding wall.

“The inspiration for Boa House comes from the Chinese word ‘Bao’ (meaning bulge), and was created for Get It Louder 2012, an exhibition of visual art and design at the Sanlitun Village Shopping Centre in Beijing, after a request to design a mobile living space that is human-powered,” PSKF explains.

With a home like the Bao House, you wouldn’t need any sort of accompanying gym amenity – lugging around the structure would be enough of a workout.

For more on this mobile home, check out PSKF.com.

All images courtesy Dezeen.com

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