Back in July we told you about Broad Sustainable Building’s (BSB) plan to build “Sky City,” the world’s tallest structure in the Chinese city of Changsha in just 90 days.

BSB’s plan to achieve this miraculous feet is by using 95 per cent prefabricated modular pieces, erecting the structure as if it were a child’s building block set. However, according to, there have been whispers that the target completion date is starting to look a little unfeasible.

“Over the last few days, rumors swirling in the Chinese media said that construction on the super tower could actually take up to 210 days,” the article reads, “but Broad Group executives denied the claim. The developer insists Sky City remains on track for the 90-day goal and noted that foundation work should start at the end of this month after the Chinese government approves the project.”

It’s an incredible goal, especially when you consider that the tower is being built to withstand 9.0-magnituded earthquakes and house 31,400 people – all on a budget that’s a tenth of what it cost to build the Burj Khalifa, the world’s current tallest structure in Dubai (less than $1,500 per square metre compared to $15,000 per square metre).

But if you still doubt that BSB is capable of building the mammoth tower on their insane schedule, refer to this time lapse video of the 30-storey tower they built in just 360 hours back in 2011.

If BSB is able to stick to the original schedule, construction on Sky City will begin at the end of December and wrap up in March 2013.

Sky City has been designed to house 31,400 people. Residential units will occupy 83 per cent of the tower, all serviced by schools, hospitals, offices, shops and restaurants within the building.

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