Incentive programs have always been a part of the real estate game, but they usually entail things like special pricing offers and mortgage helpers.

In Vancouver, a new method of home buyer courtship is emerging…

“Two Metro Vancouver realtors are taking a group of about 30 potential homebuyers out for a night on the town that includes drinks, appetizers and a limo ride,” reads an article in the Vancouver Sun. “Along the way, the group will visit The Pint pub, as well as five funky homes that are for sale in Vancouver.”

The Sun tells us that the “crib crawl” was conceived by realtor brothers Jordan and Russ Macnab, as a way to attract potential buyers in a slower real estate market.

“On the crib crawl, the owner or listing agent will serve food and drinks at each apartment, and try to persuade the buyers why they should make an offer on the property,” the Vancouver Sun reads.

Of course taking potential buyers out for an MTV-esque night on the town isn’t the only fun and clever incentive program realtors are trying out.

As the Vancouver Sun notes, Rennie Marketing Systems started offering an incentive package last year at The Village in False Creek which now includes a kayak and a bike, a one-year family membership at Science World and vouchers and gifts from nearby retailers.

Meanwhile, the Macnabs tell the Sun that if the crib crawl is successful, they will make it a regular event.

“This is going to be our little test,” Jordan Macnab told the paper. “We could do a Coquitlam crib crawl, a North Van crib crawl, or a townhouse crib crawl. We have big plans for this.”

For more on this, including how you can sign up if you’re looking to buy in Vancouver, be sure to read the Vancouver Sun article here.

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