The Corcoran Group is releasing in several months a new, more social and mobile-friendly website that will link up prospective buyers and renters with agent expertise on the neighborhoods of potential pads.

Corcoran President Pamela Liebman told the New York Times that the revamped will give home hunters smarter results that are tailored to their needs, rather than focusing on sheer volume. “Buyers are so much smarter today: they’re well-armed with the many listing aggregation sites where people can search for homes,” she said. “But we are not a data company, so what we built is a ‘find’ — not a search —site.”

Liebman continued: “Let’s say a woman is searching for a man on a dating site. Every guy says the same thing: they’re in great shape, have a wonderful head of hair and are financially well off. But wouldn’t it be nice to have a best friend who knows all these guys and who can say, ‘Oh yeah, he’s financially well off because he lives with his mother and that great head of hair is a toupee.'”

The social media component of the retooled site, which will be much easier to navigate on all mobile devices, promises to deliver a more holistic view of possible homes, beyond the unit or building itself. “It’s not just about showing you the pretty pictures of the apartment or house,” Liebman told the New York Times. “It’s about, what is the lifestyle experience of living there? We’ll have agents commenting on what’s happening in a neighborhood, what those neighborhoods are known for. We will continue to recommend restaurants, cultural activities. We try to bring this whole process to life.”

Liebman also discussed the shifting profile of the modern NYC home buyer. “In 2007-8 we had a real big influx of foreign buyers and a lot of people coming in to flip apartments, but the characterization of the buyer today is different,” Liebman said to the New York Times. “It’s more of a buy and hold.”

The new site will only show Corcoran listings. We’re eager to see the final product and all the love matches it’ll create; perhaps someday, nascent dating sites will describe themselves as the of romance (“buy and hold,” indeed!).

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