cloud9 When we Buzz Talked with Larry Blankenstein, the President of the Lash Group, he spoke of the importance of being a trend-setter when it comes to building in a neighbourhood that doesn’t typically attract a large number of developers.

The Lash Group has hopped into areas such as King and Bathurst and St. Clair and Bathurst before other accompanies identified their potential. Any Toronto real estate aficionado would characterize those moves as “ahead of the curve”.

The developer is betting that they’re ahead of the curve again when it comes to Cloud9, their new project near Kipling Avenue, between Westhumber Boulevard and Albion Road.

Priced from $199,990, the project will sport architecture by E.I. Richmond and interior design by Tanner Hill and Associates.

Word on the street is that, thus far, purchasers have been impressed by the features and finishes as well as impressive list of amenities. Some are even expecting Cloud9‘s presence to spur upscale improvements to the neighbourhood.

So has the Lash Group done it again? Have they succeeded in scouting out one of Toronto’s next “up and coming” neighbourhoods? Time will tell, but if we needed to make an educated guess, we’d say that they’ve nailed it.

For more info call 416 747 0199 or email info Visit the website by clicking here.

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