beach hill residences In every city the new development landscape is fraught with NIMBY-ism and Toronto is no exception. But every now and again there’s a project that is embraced by the community it’s located in while also being a success with purchasers.

A recent article in The Grid explored Toronto’s Beach Hill community and profiled Beach Hill Residences — a project that’s struck a chord with area residents and buyers alike.

“Instead of fighting developers, Beach Hill is embracing a “neighbourhood-friendly” condominium concept, in hopes of making the area more attractive for both businesses and residents,” wrote Lauren Murphy in an article titled “The rarest kind of condo”.

The Grid piece features quotes from Kate Tennier, a founding member of the Beach Hill Neighbourhood Association. Many Toronto neighbourhood associations are suspicious or outrightly opposed to new condo development, but not in Beach Hill.

“The condo fits in perfectly with the neighbourhood,” Tennier said in the article. “People want the condo because the more people, the more businesses will be successful, and more people can make an area safer. It’s a step in the right direction for establishing a more lively street life on Gerrard.”

Naram Mansour, the  president of Carlyle Communities, the developer behind Beach Hill Residences, also spoke to The Grid about the project and its warm reception.

Mansour said that one of his goals was to help create a more vibrant streetfront on Gerrard. While the building has limited amenities, Mansour hopes that residents will be pushed into the local community.

“When we’re designing neighbourhood housing, the intention is to force people to use the amenities in the neighbourhood,” he told The Grid. “We want them to use the local coffee shop, go to the yoga studio down the street, work out at a community centre.”

The project is also popular at Toronto’s City Hall. Mary-Margaret McMahon, the councillor for Beaches-East York, has noted that local businesses are “supportive [of the condo] because they want foot traffic.”

It’s great to see that a developer, local businesses and area residents are all on the same page when it comes to the new project in the neighbourhood. Can’t wait to get more buzz on the development!

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