Say you’re a health nut who regularly bikes to work, swims instead of taking ferries and backflips up escalators. Why would you want boring old stairs to get from floor to floor in your own home?

Enter 3way House in Tokyo, designed by Japanese studio Naf architects.

The home is built around a seven-meter-tall rock-climbing wall rising from its central courtyard. Strong-limbed residents can climb from the first floor to a roof terrace hidden behind a two-meter-tall parapet. For advocates of more traditional transportation, the home has both ladders and a staircase. The name “3way” refers to the three different modes of moving between floors.

The home was commissioned for a couple with two children, who presumably are not afraid of heights or fake rocks. The house was originally a conventional two-story structure with a flat wooden roof; Naf designed a third-level addition with a parapet.

Take a closer look at the photographs below, courtesy of Toshiyuki Yano for Naf.


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