For people of a certain age, every time someone mentions “a man living in a van,” it’s nearly impossible not to think of the famous and fictional motivational speaker Matt Foley.

But for one 30-year-old Vancouver man, living in a van will be his life for an entire year.

“It’s a creative political statement,” Mathew Arthur recently told the Metro. “I’ve lived in Vancouver for about eight years now, but I’m frustrated because I want to own my own home.”

That Metro reports that Arthur currently splits a $1,700 per month laneway rental home with his brother. Arthur tells the paper that he’s fed up with the city’s high rents and “very inflated market,” which is why he will be conducting the experiment and documenting it online.

Arthur figures the year-long exercise, which he plans to execute in a three-quarter tonne van parked in a rented space, will cost him $5,000.

Does a bathroom-less, 60-square-foot home sound like a good deal for $417 a month to you, dear readers?

For all the details on Arthur’s van plan, be sure to read the Metro article in its entirety here.

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