Anyone claiming that Toronto is in the midst of a real estate slowdown better have a look at these photos from the Widdicombe & Eglinton sales launch last Saturday.

Potential purchasers were lined up around the block outside of the presentation centre of this townhouse project by Cityzen and Fernbrook Homes.

It’s undeniable that the Toronto market is back with a vengeance after a decline in sales in August. Demand is clearly present for awesome projects like Widdicombe & Eglinton and the proof lies in these photos of an estimated 500 people lined up outside the door and the chaos inside the presentation centre.

Have a look at more amazing photos of the madness below:


Have you ever seen a presentation centre so busy? This feels like a record-setter for us…


Potential purchasers didn’t have much room to maneuver in the Widdicombe & Eglinton presentation centre.


Checking out the floorplans for the townhouse units.

Check out Cityzen’s Twitter page for live updates from the sales launch!

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