After over three years of delays, Tribeca’s crazy-cool 57-story cantilever-glass mashup at 56 Leonard Street will rise, starting next week.

The foundation for the 145-unit condo tower at Church and Leonard streets has been sitting lonely for more than three years while the developer, the Alexico Group, looked for financing.

At 830 feet high, the Jenga-esque property will dwarf its Tribeca neighbors, sticking with the same high-drama, balcony-heavy Herzog & de Meuron design that was released in September 2008.

An Anish Kapoor-designed silver sculpture that reminds us of a blown-up Elsa Peretti charm was originally planned for the ground level of the building, but it’s uncertain whether it will be part of the development, according to the Tribeca Trib. The Alexico Group bought the site for $135.5 million from New York Law School, which formerly had a library there. The condo pricing ranged from $3.5 million to $33 million for a 6,300-square-foot penthouse.

Construction will begin on the north side of the site and last four years, with almost two years for the facade alone, the Tribeca Trib reported. The building is slated for completion in Spring 2016.

Vice president of Lend Lease and project manager Tony DelGreco told the Tribeca Trib that the first 10 floors will require more time because of the big cantilevered apartments. “It’s a very complicated structure,” he said. “When you get past the 46th floor that’s when you get all the cantilevers coming again and it slows us down again… It’s just a slower, methodical job. You have to go slow to get it right.”

Just like Jenga.

Here’s what’s coming over the next four years:

Work on the superstructure will begin in December and will take more than 18 months. Facade construction starts next July.

The Anish Kapoor sculpture at the base might be scrapped.

These balconies just might be worth the wait.

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