When you find a successful formula, repeat it, and that’s just what Avi Urban is doing with The Block. After building Calgary’s first live/work space community at The Oilve in Bridgeland, Avi Urban has created The Block, another unique opportunity for professionals looking to live and work in the city.

The boutique four-storey development features 1,500 to 1,600 square foot townhomes that are zoned for live/work use. Better yet, with a double car garage of 400 square feet, residents can use the space as a studio plus parking or as a full office space.

Charron Ungar, President of Avi Urban explains, “The townhomes at The Block provide an amazing place to live, zero commute time and significant efficiencies both logistically and financially over the traditional ‘home versus office’ situation the majority of us live with every day.”

Sound intriguing? You’ll want to hurry the collection of 60 townhomes and apartments is already 80 per cent sold, and they’re down to their final three one bedroom condos.

For more information call 403-536-7238, email theblock@homesbyavi.com, or visit their website here.

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