The strata members of Vancouver’s tallest residential tower have decided: residents need to “butt out”.

Last week, the strata members passed a motion to outlaw smoking in any of the building’s 237 units. Approximately 70 strata members of the 42-storey Melville Building voted to fine residents caught smoking. Only nine voters opposed the bylaw.

In an article in The Vancouver Sun, Dwight Wambolt, a 65 year old resident who lives in the building with his wife said that, “When it passed, the room came alive. We’ve been fighting this for years and finally last night we got it passed with a majority three-quarters vote.

“This kind of thing throughout the city is just long overdue, in particular when it affects other people’s health,” said Wambolt.

Once the bylaw is approved by the city, any resident caught smoking in the building will be given a warning. After the first warning, residents caught smoking can be fined $200. The money will go toward the strata’s funds.

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