Here’s the thing about rooftop gardens and green spaces: Unless you live or work in a highrise that neighbours such a magical place, you might not even know that they’re there, let alone get a chance to see or visit one.

There are a couple of famous above-ground green spaces in Vancouver, like the garden on top of the Vancouver Public Library and the Vancouver Convention Centre’s massive living roof. But did you know that Lotus Land is about to officially welcome North America’s first rooftop “VertiCrop” urban farming system?

The above-ground greenhouse is being built on top of an under-used downtown parking lot and is expected to grow more than 150,000 pounds of produce every year, which will be shipped and sold locally in Vancouver on the same day it’s harvested.

“Alterrus’ VertiCrop vertical-farming technology uses hydroponic technology to grow leafy green vegetables and herbs in a greenhouse, without pesticides or herbicides,” reads a Business in Vancouver article. “Its produce will be transported directly to local Vancouver markets, significantly reducing its carbon footprint.”

Thanks to a Reddit user with a decent camera and a high enough vantage point, we get a glimpse of the nearly completed greenhouse that will very soon begin to harvest its bounty:

To find out more about Vancouver’s VertiCrop urban farming system, read the Business in Vancouver article here.

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