parksidevillage The charming town of Binbrook has been a popular site for new development over the past few years, with builders recognizing the undeniable small town appeal as well as its easy access to Hamilton and Toronto.

Losani Homes is one of those builders who recognized the enticing qualities of Binbrook early on and set to work creating an ambitious community within the town. Parkside Village is a townhomes enclave of their larger Fairgrounds site that consists of bungalow-loft, two storey and three storey towns including three storey back-to-back.

While the new elementary school that opened in September will entice young families, Parkside Village is also popular amongst older empty nesters and singles, creating a dynamic and diverse community within the small town.

A combination of freehold as well as condo, the majority of the units are ready built and can close quickly. A neat feature Losani is offering is ability to close quickly while still allowing purchasers to pick finishes to suit their style.

Prices starts at $217,900 and savings can reach over $14,000. It’s a deal worth looking at if you’re hoping to purchase in a small, but growing community.

For more info call 905 667 8049 or visit the website here

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