Whoever said “micro-housing is all the rage” sure wasn’t kidding. According to CNN Money, potential buyers in London are fighting over a tiny apartment that measures just 10′ x 8′.

Located near the famed Harrod’s Department store on Brompton Road in London, the tiny apartment was listed for $145,000. But, over 100 people have viewed the home and dozens have made offers. The highest bid is currently believed to be $280,000 by a Greek investor.

Brokers think the final selling price may reach as high as $500,000.

In CNN’s video, their 6 foot 1 reporter went into the apartment to check it out. Lying on the floor, he stretches the entire length of the nook where the bed would fit. Even crazier? When he extends his arms he can touch both walls.

With micro-homes popping up in New York, Toronto, Vancouver and even Victoria, this story further proves that sometimes, smaller is better.

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