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King Blue celebrated its VIP launch on Tuesday, bringing in a huge crowd to its stylish presentation centre at the corner of King West and Blue Jays Way.

To say the place was packed would be an understatement. Potential purchasers and media gazed in awe at the massive scale model, wildly snapped photos of the artfully executed entrance and admired the fab fashion show put on by Reetu Gupta, VP Sales and Marketing at the Easton’s Group.

Wish you were there? We don’t blame you. Luckily, we snapped a ton of photos so scroll down and live vicariously through them…


Yes, the is really the entrance to the presentation centre. Jaw-dropping is the only way to describe it.


The massive King Blue scale model.


The facade of the historic Westinghouse building will be incorporated into the King Blue exterior.


Steve Gupta, the CEO of the Easton’s Group, speaks to the huge crowd about the evolution of King West.


The remarks were followed by a fashion show entitled “Maya” put on by Reetu Gupta — Steve Gupta’s daughter and the VP of Sales and Marketing at Easton’s Group.

king blue8

It was a stunning show and a great way to debut the forward-thinking development.

For more info call 416 599 1355 or visit the website here!

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