If Casper the Friendly Ghost had a home, this is what it would look like.

Gue(ho)st House is situated in France, adjacent to the Delme Contemporary Art Center. The building has seen several “re-incarnations”. From a funeral parlour, to a prison, to a school, this crazy public art commissions is covered in a white veil of polystyrene. The result is a home that appears to drip onto the landscape.

According to InHabitat the home’s name takes its “cue from Marcel Duchamp’s wordplay: A Guest + A Host = A Ghost, the duo sought  to evoke the ghosts of the building’s former incarnations.”

Financed by the Ministry of Culture and Communication, the home is the host for local community events as well as artists.

Check out the pictures of the ghostly-home below:


This is what the house originally looked like.


Crews work on the home to create a “ghostly” sillouette.


A close look at the house’s ghostly exterior.


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