Earlier this month, Montreal brokers threatened to hold a vote that would see the Greater Montreal Real Estate Board leave the Canadian Real Estate Association.

On Friday, the GMREB agreed to put off a decision on the matter.

According to an article in The Montreal Gazette, roughly 40 per cent of the 3,453 participating Montreal brokers voted to leave CREA. 28 per cent opted to stay; however, an additional 31.5 per cent of voters asked to put off the decision until after the CREA’s annual meeting in Spring 2013.

The GMREB president Patrick Juaneda notes that, “The board of directors interprets these results as a clear rejection of the status quo.”

The GMREB is the second largest real estate board in Canada with 10, 000 members. According to an earlier article in the Montreal Gazette, the GMREB had threatened to leave in 2011 if CREA didn’t cut expenses and stop charging members for services they don’t need.

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