Things have been very busy on George Street, between King and Adelaide, over the last two months as the crew at Post House has been working diligently on excavating the site. With excavation nearly finished, the team brought had to bring in the big guns: namely, a long reach excavator.

The incredibly prolific photographers over at Alterra have been busy snapping shots of all the action at the site through September and October. We got our hands on some of the pics. Check them out below!

post house 6

The long arm excavator gets to work on the final stages of the excavation process at Post House.

post house 7

Getting up close and personal with the excavator. That Danger sign isn’t just there for show. This is one intense machine!


The long arm excavator is quite a sight when it’s nearly fully extended like that.


It’s hard to imagine now, but once complete, Post House will rise 21 storeys above George Street.


The only way to get machines and material into the site when excavation is this far along.

post house3

Things are looking crowded down in the site.

post house

Workers are now beginning to form P5. This is only part one. We’ll have more photos from the site soon!

For more info, click over to the Post House website or call the sales centre at 416 964 2777.

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