The Durst Organization is helping residents get trashy — in an eco- and family-friendly way.

The pioneer green developers are piloting a mass composting program at their 600-unit rental tower The Helena, at 601 W. 57th St. If the plan is successful over the next few months, it will be implemented at Durst’s W57, the twisty 750-unit condo pyramid under construction at 625 W. 57th St, according to DNAinfo.

The program lets residents toss their food scraps, vegetable peels, eggshells, used coffee grounds, greasy pizza boxes and other compostables into a special communal bin in the complex’s garbage rooms. The waste will be hauled from The Helena three times a week by the Department of Sanitation, which will use the discarded items to fertilize soil.

The compost-disposal plan will be one of the largest of its kind in the city. The 32-story W57, which is slated open in 2015, will also offer textile and battery disposals in the garbage rooms.

“I think it makes a lot of sense to divert more waste than we are currently from landfill,” Amanda Kaminsky, Durst’s Sustainable Construction Manager, told DNAinfo.

Currently, most eco-conscious New Yorkers have to tote their smelly compost to collection centers at farmers markets or pay someone to pick it up. To encourage residents to compost, organizers will also provide biodegradable paper bags to wrap the compostables before they go in the bin.

The program draws inspiration from city-wide “green bin” campaigns in places like Toronto, where 100,000 tons of waste are diverted from landfills every year.

The Durst Organization recently announced that it would not seek LEED approval for W57, opting for its own environmental checklist. The development will have green features not covered by LEED, such as centra heating and cooling, recycled water from a neighboring building for the toilets and piped-in outside air, which uses more energy but is more comfortable for residents.

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