elevensuperior While demolition is certainly a loud and messy business, it’s definitely a blast to watch!

That’s why we were thrilled when the folks from Davies Smith asked us to come out to their Eleven Superior site on Lakeshore Road in Mimico. With demolition well underway, we knew there would be some great photo opportunities. It was also the perfect way to begin our series of construction updates on Eleven Superior. We’re in this one for the long haul — from demolition to groundbreaking to topping off.

Grab your hard hat (you’ll really need it for this edition) because we’re about the go behind the hoarding at Eleven Superior


Yes, they let us get very close to the appropriately named “high reach demolition excavator”. Good thing we’re fearless!


We walked to the other side of the site to get another angle of the excavator at work.


Pinpoint precision is required when operating the huge machine. The operator needs to control the way the building material falls so it does not fall outside of the site.


We managed to get an awesome vantage point in the abandoned fire station on the site. It will also be torn down to make way for Eleven Superior, but until then it’s the perfect spot to check out all the on-site action.

We’ll be back on-site for the groundbreaking next week. Stay tuned!

For more info on the development call 416 259 8882 or email info@elevensuperior.com. Visit the website by clicking here.

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