Sometimes, we see something and think “that’s awesome”. This egg shaped chapel is one of those times.

According to InHabitat, the Egg Chapel was designed by New York based architect Andrew Macnair. The Egg Chapel is meant to provide an intimate space for weddings, baptisms, and anniversaries in Munho-ri, a town near Seoul.

The uniquely shaped space was handcrafted by ship-builders on Rhode Island and in New York, and then shipped in 12 vertical sections to South Korea. The chapel is 30 feet high and 14 feet wide at the floor.

According to InHabitat, “The intimate atmosphere is enriched by spiritual symbolism within the  architectural design itself; the egg as the “seed of life“, a symbol of birth  and rebirth which transforms the  an apparently lifeless object out of which  comes life.”

Check out the “egg-cellent” pictures of the chapel below:

The Egg was shipped from New York to Seoul in 12 pieces.

One of the handcrafted pieces being made in New York.

Quite possibly, the cutest photo we’ve seen all week.


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