According to a survey by PwC, most residents feel Calgary’s housing market is affordable.

In an article in the Calgary Herald, it notes that “64 per cent of respondents felt this way with 60 per cent saying it was ‘somewhat affordable’ and four per cent saying it was ‘very affordable’.”

However, 33 per cent of the Calgarians who responded didn’t agree. 25 per cent of respondents said that Calgary housing is “not affordable” while eight per cent said it was “not at all affordable”.

It is interesting that the majority of Calgarians think housing is affordable given that the Calgary Real Estate Board recently reported that the average MLS sales price for a residential property in Calgary was up 2.61 per cent year-to-date at the end of September.

The year-to-date sale price has increased in all housing categories including single family which went up 2.21 per cent; condo apartment which went up 2.68 per cent, and condo townhouse which went up 1.67 per cent.

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