It isn’t every day that you hear the words “bamboo” and “highrise” in the same sentence, but Tokamarch Architects has changed that.

The goal of the building is to provide an alternative for rapid urbanization which is creating “ugly residential buildings that all look the same.” Part of what makes the buildings “look the same” is the use of concrete.  According to InHabitat, XishuangbanNa Residence is a modern urban residential complex that combines materials such as wood and bamboo.

“The face of the high-rise is open but privacy is achieved with bamboo fencing  and a slew of indigenous plants. These also contribute to a pleasant  micro-climate and provide protection against both sun and wind. Double story  public courtyards on a setback platform and aerial gardens ensure a community  environment with a green aesthetic,” notes InHabitat.

Check out the amazing pictures of the bamboo highrise below:

If this image is any indication, “bamboo” and “highrise” are a perfect fit.


A peek inside the bamboo highrise.


Another angle of the distinct facade.

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