At first glance, Archway Studios may not seem very impressive. From the outside, it looks like one of the 10,000 rail viaducts around London. However, inside Archway Studios, things are far more impressive.

Working within the constraints of an inner-city industrial site on a narrow lot next to a train line, Undercurrent Architects managed to design a live-workspace which is vibrant, bright and spacious.

On Undercurrent Architects’ website, they explain, “The building subverts tight site conditions, transforming a narrow plot with limited access to light, aspect and views, into an uplifting space that offers release in spite extreme constraints.

And, the architects hope the building could act as a pro-type for the 10,000 other viaducts in London. “The building’s unique design and appearance helps it to stand out even when dwarfed by inner-city neighbours. As one of 10,000 arches that dissect neighbourhoods across London, it is a model that can be adapted for broad community benefit and regeneration,” the website notes.

Check out the awesome pictures of the re-design below:

This rail archway provides a difficult inner-city site.


The interior of Archway Studios is surprisingly inviting and spacious.


A stunning conceptual drawing of Archway-Studios

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