Kijiji, Minecraft, CBC, and yes, real estate: Those things are among the most common online searches in beautiful Alberta, Canada.

The data comes to us in the form of a handsome infrographic created by internet marketing agency Top Draw.

Each Google search phrase in Top Draw’s six-category chart is represented relative to the other phrases in the chart.

You can view the entire graphic by clicking here, but since this blog is geared toward folks who are interested in real estate and development news, we thought it would be pertinent to draw your attention to the last bit:

The above graphic seems to suggest searches for renting versus buying real estate is split rather evenly. What’s not surprising is that the search rate is high – everyone knows what the market is like in Alberta, after al…

Other notable findings from the infographic: hockey dominates sports searches, as do Alberta’s two NHL teams – but also listed is the Vancouver Canucks… Kijiji seems to be more popular than Craigslist, and iPhones are still searched more often than Androids, but not by much!

And now you know a little more about Alberta’s Google habits!

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