Donald Trump might want to hold onto his hat and his hair: the world’s youngest landlord just bought her second house, and she’s gunning for the reality-television spotlight.

Willow Tufano of Florida made the news in March when she bought her first house at the age of 14, using money she raised from antiquing and selling furniture on Craigslist. The distressed home was a three-bedroom fixer-upper valued at $100,000 before the housing collapse — she put in $6,000, her parents doubled her investment, and they nabbed the property for $12,000.

Now 15, Willow has made her second purchase — two-bedroom, one-bath house near her home in Port Charlotte. It cost $17,500. Since Florida mandates that homeowners must be at least 18 years old, Willow plans to buy out her mother when she reaches the legal age.

For now, the precocious teen’s priority is finding tenants for her properties (the renters for the first house skipped out in the middle of the night) and getting her own reality TV show off the ground.

“We are in the process of pitching a sizzle reel,” she told NPR. “Clips of me. Little highlights.”

Other soundbites the aspiring mogul served up to NPR:

  • On friends: “You have to scout and see who really is there for you. Some people… try and mooch money off of me… I would totally teach them how to make money. They don’t even wanna make an effort.”
  • On her mother lowering the rent on the first house to draw new tenants: “I said, ‘Did you even ask me if I like those people? Or if I wanted to lower the rent to $650? I don’t think so.'”
  • On reality TV: “I don’t want to be fake… I’m going to be one of those people that loves their fans. If I have any.”

Looks like Willow’s already got the hang of reality TV stunting: when she flew to Alabama to give a talk at a college, she wore a bright yellow Pikachu costume at the airport. The stares from passers-by gave her the confidence to address an audience of 200, NPR reported (photo below, courtesy of NPR).

The property savvy of a Trump and the attention-seeking acumen of a Kardashian? We’re a little scared now.

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