Vancouver condo complexes and businesses are in for a change. By 2015, they will be required to have recycling services for food scraps in place.

In an article in The Vancouver Courier, Peter Judd, the city’s chief engineer says that the requirements and penalties for the program will be outlined in detail during upcoming city council meetings. “Yes, people will have to participate and, yes, ultimately there will be penalties if they don’t,” Judd told the Courier.

“We need to come back to council with recommendations and what those regulations might look like for business and multi-family [buildings],” says Judd.

The food scrap requirements are connected to Metro Vancouver’s waste management plan approved by the provincial government. The plan requires that all organic material be diverted from the landfill by 2015.

While the plan may be a hassle for condo owners and businesses, it’s a huge help to the environment. Judd notes that, ““It’s the food scraps going in the dump that creates all the methane and methane is a terrible greenhouse gas—it’s like 20 times more potent than Co2. So if you take all of that food waste out of the landfill, you’ll be generating much less gas. It’s a huge win for the environment.”

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