Department stores are stocked with pencils, backpacks have gone on sale, and the line-ups at IKEA are extra long. That’s right. It’s “back to school” time.  And, while children return to their elementary schools, young adults across the country are moving away from home into university dormitories.

To celebrate the move, we’ve compiled a list of the seven craziest dorm rooms. Check them out below:

Who said glow in the dark toys are only for kids? This awesome glow in the dark dorm room brings a whole new meaning to “lights out”.

This dorm room has “suave” written all over it. From the purple leather couch to the nifty black divider, we think this dorm room should be renamed “the lounge”.

Thanks to HGTV for the lead on this dorm room. At first glance, it might not look very impressive, but the room has been wired with strobe lights and laser lights which are controlled by his computer. Better yet? The automatic blinds are controlled by a joystick.

A poker player’s haven, we’re willing to wager that the occupants of this dorm room are comfortable “calling each other’s bluffs”.

According to HGTV, this dorm room from MIT’s Simmons Hall has amorphous walls and 18 tiny windows. Why college students need 18 tiny windows is beyond us, but it sure looks cool!

We’re not sure if the residents of this room are going back to school or out into the jungle. Maybe, they’re the same thing?

This upside-down dorm room is the result of a prank. But the detail and effort the pranksters is pretty darned impressive. They even bolted the bed into the ceiling!

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