With a name like “The Hive”, we were immediately intrigued by this apartment building in Melbourne, Australia. While the name might have grabbed our attention, the facade held our interest.

The Hive incorporates graffiti letters directly into the facade. Designed by architect Zvi Belling of ITN Architects, the site was specifically selected for graffiti/architecture project.

According to Belling’s artist statement, “The ideas in the building have been refined over time by the designer in prior competitions, publications and collaborations with street artists.”

Belling asked a local graffiti artist to come up with a design which reads out “Hive” and then pre-cast four metre-high letters.

According to Dezeen Magazine, “The angles of the letters determine some of the wall shapes and interior spaces. Gaps between letters create small windows which let light into unexpected places, while sliding panels conceal louvred ports for ventilating the rooms.”

Check out the super cool pictures from Patrick Rodriguez below:

A look at the Hive’s graffiti facade


The graffiti adds a truly unique feature to this building


The Hive’s interior is impacted by the unique facade.

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