Students at the American University in Cairo have truly outdone themselves with the concept for a sliding home that “operates like a ‘matchbox’ that opens fully to maximize solar gain or closes to shade the house entirely.”

The aptly named Slide-S house has latticework on the outside which interlocks using designs based on ancient Egyptian stonework. The sliding screen remains closed in the summer, but natural light can still enter through the latticework.

In the winter, the screen can be opened during daylight hours in order to maximize solar gain. According to InHabitat, “The absorbed heat is then utilised at night when the  screen is closed again to keep the living space warm.”

The home’s design is so impressive that it will compete in the Solar Decathlon against 22 other international teams. The house will be judged across ten  categories ranging from sustainability, innovation, comfort and market viability.

Check out the cool pictures of the house below.

This conceptual image shows what the house would look like when the “matchbox” exterior is closed.

This is what the home would look like during winter months.


A stunning conceptual image of the side of the sliding home.

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