Bicyclists in Calgary can breathe a little easier. A new website and app has launched to help bikers navigate the city.

Ride the City is a U.S.-based website and app that lets users correct, amend and add bike route data to online and smartphone maps. This week, Calgary was added to the list of approximately 40 North American cities that the app serves. Calgary’s addition is the result of a partnership with bike Bike Calgary, a local bike advocacy group.

In an article on The Calgary Herald blog, Bike Calgary Vice President Richard Zach says that, “Calgary’s many seasoned bicycle commuters already know how to get to their destinations. But thousands more would like to ride their bicycles more often to work or for everyday errands — and they need a reliable means of finding a route that won’t put them on busy streets without bike lanes.”

For Calgary residents, the app could prove to be a lifesaver. The city’s bike network is constantly changing, and the app allows home-owners and renters to investigate new ways to get around their neighbourhoods.

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