What’s the ultimate piece of fan memorabilia? How about a childhood home?

Las Vegas real estate investor and Muhammad Ali fan Jared Weiss has bought Ali’s childhood home for $70,000. The small white home has a sagging front porch and is located in a western Louisville neighbourhood.

According to an article in The Vancouver Sun, “The home already has a state historical marker out front recognizing the  residence as the home of Ali when he was a boy named Cassius Clay. The marker says Ali lived in the mostly black neighbourhood with his parents and brother  and attended local public schools.”

Weiss wants to restore the house so that it looks the way it did when Ali lived in it. The restoration is likely to cost $50,000. While Weiss hasn’t finalized his plans, he has said that he won’t use the house as a rental property.

Check out an image of the home below:

Photo by Bruce Schreiner, Associated Press

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