Do you know someone who will be attending university next year? Then, you might to tell them to consider applying to a school in Montreal. The city has been named the 10th best place in the world to be a university student.

According to the QS Top University Ranking, Montreal’s quality of living and student mix helped it earn the 10th spot on the list. The top three cities on the list were Paris, London, and Boston.

The rankings were compiled “based on a complex set of measures taken from public information, surveys and data submitted as part of the QS World University Rankings, the results provide a new way of comparing the best cities around the world in which to be a student.”

To qualify for the list, cities had to have a population of at least 250,000 and had to be home to at least two ranked institutions.

Montreal is the only Canadian city to rank in the list’s top 20. Toronto ranked 26th while Vancouver ranked 31st on the list.

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