When we first saw House 77’s facade, our hearts melted a little.

Located in Póvoa de Varzim in Portugal, the house has a perforated facade which seeks to “to revitalize some of the city’s memories and to participate in the panoply of colours and materials that characterise the street.”

Inside, the house is relatively simple, organized vertically. But, outside, House 77 is unforgettable.

The stainless steel facade is perforated with “siglas poveiras”. According to Arch Daily the “symbols are a proto-writing system once used as a way of communication and to mark personal and fishing belongings. Also, they were hereditary and constituted an important family legacy that was transmitted by inheritance through generations, evolving with new combinations.”

What an awesome way to pay homage to a city and its heritage!

Check out the cool pictures of House 77 below:

A stunning shot of the magical facade.

An “inside look” at House 77’s facade.

Imagine living beside this home!


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