xpression Is Absolut Vodka’s 4 million unique bottles promotion just a little unimaginative? Is McDonald’s McCafe rebranding the wrong direction for the company?

Usually it’s tough to get ad men and women to listen to your armchair critiques, but the fine folks at Zancor Homes are genuinely interested. They want your help defining the advertising for the South Tower in their Xpression development in Richmond Hill.

All you need to do is check out the development and come up with five words to describe the South Tower. Tweet the words to @zancorhomes using the hashtag #fivewordexpression.

Which five words will you choose? Well you could riff on Xpression‘s great location in Richmond Hill. Maybe you’ll want to focus on the inspired interiors by Tomas Pearce or the amazing architecture by Quadrangle instead?

Whether you’re doing it for fun or building your blossoming copywriting portfolio, make sure you participate.

Kudos to Zancor! This is a very cool way to get people engaged with a new development.

For more info call 905 237 7810 or visit the site by clicking here.

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